GRACE KIM is a New York and Seoul-based director and artist. She has directed narrative films, branded content, and music videos for clients such as Epitaph Records, Seoul Fashion Week, and McDonald’s, to name a few. Her directorial work possesses a wide spectrum, characterized by whisy and playfulness on one end, and sharp and ship on the other and have screened nationwide at films festivals such as the Hamptons International Film Festival and venues such as the Museum of the Moving Image, Syndicated Theater, Firehouse Cinema, Stuart Cinema, and the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport. Her work has been supported by the Atlanta Film Society for the Hartsfield-Jackson Airport, NYC Women's Fund, administered by the Mayor's Office of Media and Entertainment and New York Foundation for the Arts, and the Local Arts Fund administered by the Brooklyn Arts Council. She is a ViacomCBS Viewfinder Emerging Director Fellow.

As an artist, she works primarily with moving image and installation and is particularly interested in the blurring lines between representation(image) and the represented (subject), the feedback loop of consent, consumption, and power between the two, particulary within a Baudrillardian context. She has exhibited in Brooklyn, NY and held residency with the Saltonstall Foundation for the Arts.


2023 NYC Women’s Fund Grant, New York Foundation for the Arts - ‘Hypochondriac’

2022 Commercial Directors Diversity Program Semi-finalist

2022 Sony Pictures Television Diverse Directors Program Finalist

2021 Constance Saltonstall Foundation for the Arts, Artist-in-Residence

2020 Commercial Directors Diversity Program 50/50 Mentee

2020 Adult Swim ‘Development Meeting’ 1st Place Winner (The Grand Tammy)

2020 Screen Craft Short Film Fund Semifinalist (Fissura) 2020

2020 NYC Women’s Fund Grant, New York Foundation for the Arts - 'The Weeds in this Garden'

2020 Local Arts Fund Grant - Brooklyn Arts Council - 'Objects of Heartbreak' 

2020 Airport Shorts Grant - Atlanta Film Society, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport - 'Heart Tick Kaboom'

2020 ViacomCBS Viewfinder Emerging Director Fellowship

2020 Sundance Film Festival Horizon Award Finalist (Loveseat)

2019 - 2020 Picture Farm Commercial Director Fellowship

2019 Ghetto Film School Emerging Director Fellowship Semi-finalist

2019 Audience Choice Award - Indieworks - 'Loveseat'

2019 Best Director - Revolution Me Film Festival - 'Loveseat'

2018 Screen Craft Short Film Fund Quarterfinalist - 'Loveseat'

2022 Film Fest Magazine - 'Meet Filmmaker Grace Kim'

2021 Bureau of Creative Works - 'An Interloper's Kiss'

2021 Bureau of Creative Works - 'An Interloper's Kiss' Q&A with the Filmmaker

2019 Booooooom - 'Loveseat'